Posted by: jakeargarin | 29th Mar, 2011

Spirit Week

It may be late for Spirit Week post.  But I took a video of the gorilla and banana occurrence right when it happened on campus.  I think things like this are the best way to boost school spirit.

Posted by: jakeargarin | 29th Mar, 2011

Toy Commercial Comparison

I saw this toy commercial today, and it actually did a good job of not straying from toy commercials that I remember when I was younger.  So I just decided to post a comparison between the new and old.

New Commercial

Old Commercial

Posted by: jakeargarin | 25th Jan, 2011


I chose to Google maps the entire University.  Geographically this defines the University, however it is not an updated version of what it looks like now. I took a snap shot of 4 segments of the University  on Google maps and pieced them together.  It is hard to define UMW by its people, so I went for a simpler line of thought.

Posted by: jakeargarin | 13th Jan, 2011


I took a somewhat literal interpretation with a photograph that explains me.  These are clothes that I wear on an everyday basis, and my longboard which I use on an almost everyday basis as well.  The things that I do usually impact or influence something else in my life that I am also doing in some way.